Dentistry Services

At All Pets Mobile Vet, we offer full service dentistry for small and large animals. Dental care is an essential part of keeping your dogs, cats and horses healthy.

We have a variety of resources available on our website to answer questions about dental care, but if you have any additional question please contact us.

Small Animal Dentistry 

Dogs and cats tend to acquire dental disease as they age. This can be due to a variety of factors, including genetic makeup, diet and anatomy. Small breed dogs and cats are more prone to dental disease, but larger breed dogs can develop dental problems as well. The doctors at All Pets recommend a dental examination annually to evaluate the health of the gums, teeth and supporting structures of the dental arcade. A dental examination is part of every annual examination performed, and we'll be sure to discuss your pet's dental health with you. 

Dental disease can cause foul smelling breath, tooth and root decay and disease elsewhere in the body. Once tartar has built up long enough, it becomes calcified and cannot be cleaned off without an ultrasonic dental instrument. This cleaning needs to be done under anesthesia in order to clean the tartar that has burrowed under the gum line. 

If your pet needs a dental cleaning, we offer this service in Carbondale. All Pets Mobile shares dental space with the Carbondale Animal Hospital.  Digital dental x-rays are included with every cleaning which insures that the structures under the gums (ligaments and tooth roots) are checked. All of our doctors have attended post graduate veterinary dental training classes at The Colorado Pet Dental Training Center in Colorado Springs. At All Pets, your pet's teeth are in good hands. 

At home dental care is a great way to prevent tartar build up which leads to dental disease, but this must be implemented when the teeth are clean and free or tartar. Talk to us about options of keeping your pets teeth clean at home. 

Large Animal Dentistry 

Horses, unlike dogs and cats, have teeth that do not stop growing. As a horse ages, their teeth grow taller and taller. For this reason, horses need their teeth floated on a regular schedule.

At All Pets, we recommend your horse's teeth be examined yearly. During this exam, the teeth will be checked for: sharp points which can cut into the gums, abnormal alignment of the teeth and missing teeth. This exam may need to be performed with sedation to allow our doctors to check the entire mouth. 

Horses with sharp tooth edges, abnormal alignment or missing teeth can be uncomfortable and often are not chewing their food as well as they should. This can cause weight loss, performance problems and poor digestion. 

If your horse needs a teeth floating performed, our doctors will smooth the sharp points down and re-align the teeth with our power float to help your horse chew normally. Recommendations will then be made on how often a float should be scheduled.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have. Call or email us today. 


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